VERSA - more than alarm system

We present a alarm system that will allow you to secure a apartment, a small or medium sized house, an office or other premises on Bonaire, Curacao or Aruba. The VERSA alarm system will take care not only of adequate and effective protection, but will also make your family, fellow workers or customers of your company feel comfortable and good. It will see to everything that is most important to you, ensuring your peace of mind and confidence that everything is fine!

The VERSA alarm system means safety in a beautiful setting. Discover the unique pleasure of using the state-of-the-art control devices, which will not only make the daily operation or your system easier, but more attractive as well.


Security and comfort withing reach

The touch screen keypad is not only a modern alternative to traditional keypad models. Its untuitive interface allows you to use just a few taps to run commands for daily tasks. The device is therefor a great solution for people who value their time and convenience.

The modern appearance of the device, slim enclosure and, in the case of the INT-TSG model, also small dimensions (screen size 4.3″), are factors that make the keypad optically almost blend into the wall on which it is mounted. Hence, integrating the device with any interior, regardless of its arrangement, is by no means a problem. What’s more, the keypad can be a remarkable interior decoration – not only because of its modern design, which will surely arouse the interest of your guests. When it is not used, it can act as a digital frame. All you have to do is load a few favorite photos that will be displayed as a slide show on the screen of your device.

Control your system the way you want!

From the wide range of possibilities to control the VERSA alarm system, choose the one that will be most convenient for you and your loved ones. For local operation of the system, use a keypad. In our product offering you will find various models of these devices: wired or wireless, with classic keys or with touch screen and graphical interface, with LCD display or, in economic or, in economic version, with led indicators. The latter not only allows you to easily control the alarm system functions, but also the tasks related to home automation (including lighting, heating or air conditioning).

In addition, the Versa-LCDR-WH and VERSA-KWRL2 models are equipped with a proximity tag/proximity card reader, and thus provide even faster access to the system for the household members, without having to remember passwords.

You can use up to 6 keypads in one VERSA alarm system.

The daily operation of the alarm systen can also be done remotely. when you are on the premises, you can use for this purpose a remote control keyfob. Depending on the configuration, it will allow you to perform a whole range of tasks, ranging from arming/disarming the system or calling the emergency assistnace. to controlling garage door, roller shutters / blinds, etc. A unique function to this keyfob is confirmation by LEDs that your commands have been executed. To make the everyday operation easier. the keyfob comes with backlit buttons and a built-in buzzer that reacts to pressing any key and indicates whether the control panel has received the command.

Remotely, easily, reliably

Gain access to the VERSA alarm system from wherever you are. Take advantage of the enormity of possibilities offered to you by remote control using your mobile device with the VERSA CONTROL applications installed.

Watch over the security of your home wherever your are. This will be made easier by PUSH notifications, which will immediatly inform you about selected events registered by the control panel.

Do you happen sometimes to leave the light on in the bathroom or hallway in the morning rush ? Or maybe you are note sure if you have armed the alarm? Now you can check it remotely and, if neccesary, arm the system or turn of unnecessary lighting, thus savin electricity and ensuring yourself precious peace of mind.

Do you value your time and comfort ? Thanks to the application, you can access to all information and have remote control capabilities always at your fingertips.

Satel Alarm Systems. European certified quality now available on Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba. Contact your local distributor for a quote or assistance.